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Online Backgammon Game

Backgammonia is a fusion of the words backgammon and mania . for those of you that love backgammon games !! :)

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backgammon is free

html5 backgammon game

that works without flash

if you want

free backgammon game

you came to the right website.
our site called backgammonia - this is the name of our main html5 backgammon game
you can play our free backgammon game against your friends, if you bring a friend over to your house
you can play with him or her in your computer , backgammonia is a game for two player from the same computer
or a game against a computer , if you want to play solo backgammon game online
we have more backgammon game for you in our site , a lot of free backgammon games online
we have backgammon game in flash version . or backgammon game in html5 version
classic backgammon game . new backgammon game for 2018 , or old backgammon game
so if you love backgammon you just need to choose which game you want to play
roll the dice and win !

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